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Days 10 and 11

Woah, epic failure there on my part, I had yesterday’s photo all ready to go and upload and then I totally spaced, so y’all get 2 pictures today! 😀


Ok, here we go… starting with Day 10…

Day 10 – Your craft bag

(see, I don’t really have a craft bag, per say, so it’s really just a picture of my main carry “TARDIS” bag (I know one person will get that reference, seeing as she was the one who got the bag for me) and purse [purse usually goes inside my TARDIS bag. :P] because I use the two of them to carry whatever I need usually. It was my creative idea that I came up with last night. Haha, not sure if that totally makes sense though. xD I’m kinda all over the place with my thoughts at the moment. xD DARNED lack of sleep)

Day 11 – A WiP (Work in Progress)

[And my cork board has managed to find it’s way into this photo a day thingie — it’s a constant work in progress, being an artist of sorts it’s always being re-organized, but here’s the recent version – lots of amazing things. ❤ Love them all. ❤ Cork boards are amazing places for people to be creative, and keep things in a handly accessible place. <3]

Ok, there y’all have it! At least I’m caught up now! Again, sorry for missing that day, at least I did have the picture ready to go. That’s a good thing right? 😛



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