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Day 22 – May

22. Trees

Taken from my parents back deck, lots of green trees and bushes and shrubs and whatnot. And focusing on the big black walnut tree that is in our back yard. ^-^

Pretty and green, and don’t forget the river! 😀


Day 21 – May

21. Pretty Pattern

The tile for the little bathroom in the bungalow that’s up near mom’s studio. I love how simple it is yet it’s elegant, in a way! ❤ Just had to share it, and it fits this days prompt perfectly!

Off to hand the computer off to mom now so she can do whatever it is that she needs to do – plus my Nook is calling and dinner is almost done.

I totally almost forgot about today, btw, but here you go – picture before the day is out! ❤

Ok, I’m off!


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