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Gorgeous Nature

So I know it’s been awhile since I have posted a post here, and everything is going pretty good, kinda stressful at times, but I’m working through it. I’m almost done with my second semester down at CSUN, which is CRAZY!

I’m back home on Spring Break and today mom and I went on a poppy walk and omg, so gorgeous. I’m going to share one of the pictures I took, because it was just amazing – although the picture really doesn’t do it justice. I really think I have never seen that many poppies in one place ever. O.o So gorgeous!

It really was mind blowing.


I’ve been having some ups and downs with school, but I’ve got like a month left, and then I’ll be back home for a few months, which will be really nice, for sure! I can’t wait. It took coming back for this week to remind me how much I really do miss it up here. It’s dark at night, and smells good, and is quiet, well quieter than back at school. It really just is so nice here. Plus sleeping in my own bed is just so lovely!

Just trying to enjoy the little things and work on trying not to stress out as much, it’s hard at times.

If any of y’all have any techniques for trying to de-stress, I’d definitely love to hear them.

I’m off to Monterey with mom for a short trip tomorrow – and then off to spend some time with my bestie before flying back to school on Sunday the 13th. It’s been a fast few days so far, but it really is amazing and wonderful being home.

Hope that you all are doing well, and don’t forget to smile!



Day 26 – May

26. Something Old

Not necessarily something bought but I saw this and knew that I had to put this into this photo challenge.

This is a picture of me and my horse, Nemo, back in ’05.

Things have come to separate us, but I’ll never forget him.

Day 25 – May

25. Sunflare

Taken the day of the Eclipse on the 20th May of this year.

Totally gotten by accident – pointed the camera up and took a picture and this is what I got – perfect for today’s picture! 😀

Just had to share! I can’t actually look directly at it — TOO BRIGHT! Haha!

Also, today marks one year from the day that I left for my Australian Adventure – this past year has GONE BY WAY TOO FAST!!

Day 22 – May

22. Trees

Taken from my parents back deck, lots of green trees and bushes and shrubs and whatnot. And focusing on the big black walnut tree that is in our back yard. ^-^

Pretty and green, and don’t forget the river! 😀

Day 16 and Second Chance Prom

Day 16 – Texture

Taken awhile back but nature is full of beautiful textured things! ❤

I just love the surprises that those textured things you'll find in nature throw at you – like in this one. ❤

Ok, I'm off to watch a movie for my Critical Thinking class.

Oh, and I have to say, prom on Saturday went brilliantly!




That’s how I my hair was done up for the dance.

My whole get up, although I did end up wearing flats because they were more comfortable. 🙂 Despite wearing flats, my feet were killing me at the end of the night.

Close up of the back of my head, I refused to let her use any hair spray, only Bobby pins.

This was part of what we did after putting table cloths on all the tables on Saturday morning, making rainbow keychains. The dance was put on by the Rainbow Alliance and it was a chance for those who didn’t get a chance to go to their prom in HS because their school didn’t allow it or wasn’t all inclusive. This dance was am all inclusive, come with whomever, wear whatever- just be yourself dance. It was amazing! ❤
For those of you interested in finding out more on the Second Chance Prom that went on here, here is the page about it that’s on my schools website.

Ok, now that I went on a bit of a ramble there, I’m off to watch this movie.

Bye for now!

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