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I spaced and Time Flew By


Taken the 14th of July in New Mexico – a gorgeous Sunset. ❤

So I totally meant to blog more often this summer – but things keep happening causing this just happening… at least I’m here now.

I’ve only got a month left on my summer break, I have three roommates, and I look forward to meeting all of them. And I’ve already registered for my classes. It’s crazy that I’m a month away from starting my last year of undergrad! O.o How is this possible – crazy!

Last week mom and I were in New Mexico – I’ve attached a pic of one of the sunsets that I managed to capture on the drive on Monday. I love Monsoon season – so many gorgeous clouds! 😀 Totally makes my cloud loving side happy, that’s for sure!

I did have a reason for this blog, but now I’m totally forgetting what I was going to say – so much has happened, I just can’t find the words for it right now apparently.

Mmm, if I think of it, I will let y’all know – I’ll write a blog post about it if I do remember.


All of these pictures were all taken from the plane – so many gorgeous thunder storm cells that we had to fly around in the plane on our first flight to get to New Mexico. So gorgeous.

I do hope that everyone is having a great start to their week and I hope that it’s not too long before my next blog. I really do mean that I want to try to get into weekly blogs. I will get myself into a routine, on of these days that actually works.

Till next time!!


Day 6

Day 6 – Color

As you can see, I just love color! ❤ Color makes me want to share my photos with people!

So once again I did a collage of photos. ❤


Day 5

Day 5 – Notions

I want to think about the possibility of looking into doing photo shoots or getting better with working with photographing people.

But we’ll see where it goes. ^_^

(This is my adorable little 5 month old neighbor who I don’t get to see very often.)

Pic a Day – April – and Day 1 Pic!

Ok, so I did get this up on facebook yesterday, but I decided to post them here, still trying to figure out how to get around to Day 2 piccy but I’ll figure it out just like I did this one. Ok, so here is the list! 😀

Day 1 – You in Action
Day 2 – Your craft tools
Day 3 – An old FO (Finished Object)
Day 4 – Inspiration Outdoors
Day 5 – Notions
Day 6 – Colour
Day 7 – Materials
Day 8 – Challenging
Day 9 –  Your Hands
Day 10 – Your craft bag
Day 11 – A WiP (Work in Progress)
Day 12 – A craft gift
Day 13 – Inspiration Indoors
Day 14 – Where you craft
Day 15 – A new skill
Day 16 – Texture
Day 17 – Last FO you used
Day 18 – Craft books
Day 19 – Suplies
Day 20 – Finishing
Day 21 – Crafting accompainments
Day 22 – Contrasts
Day 23 – Inspiration from clothes
Day 24 – Up Close
Day 25 – When you craft
Day 26 – Organisation
Day 27 – The wrongside
Day 28 – Simplicity
Day 29 – Latest FO
Day 30 – You crafting companion.


I can do this! Ok, to post Day 1 and when I get Day 2’s pic figured out, I’ll see if I can sneak on to take that one as well. Heeeere we go! 😀

Day 1 – You in Action

If you can figure out what my medium is, let me know! 😀 I’m going to have to be tricky and whatnot to make it work, but it’s my medium and I’m sticking to it!

Also, I’m sorry for not being very good at about posting more. I’ll do my best to post more!

Happy April! 😀

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