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Day 31 – May

31. Beloved Pet

so, here’s my baby – my big kitty, Midnight (and me) – a self taken picture btw.


And wow! I did this again. I guess I’ll take a month off, to just give myself a bit of a break, because starting on the 12th of June, I’m starting work. I’ll do my best to post, but it probably won’t be daily posts as it is with my photo a day posts.

Anyways, hope that you all had a great month of May and see y’all in June! ❤


Day 30 – May

30. In Motion

These are my boys that I’ll be watching again this year – I’m a Nanny during the summer.

This was taken my first year with them, and this was just one of the amazing pictures I somehow managed to get – them having lots of fun in the pool.

Perfect as they were totally having fun and I just love all the water everywhere.

I can’t wait to start my summer with them on the 12th of June! Coming up!

It’ll be nice to have money again! 😀

Day 29 – May

29. Purchased

This is just one of the 5 boarding passes that I had from the round trip tickets that I bought to head down to Australia last year.

(Of course my name isn’t blacked out on the actual boarding passes, I just didn’t feel comfortable giving everyone my full name as that’s what is on them).

Totally amazing and best money ever spent!!! ❤ I actually found this one, on Friday, which was one year to the day from when I left the States to head down there! Totally crazy that it’s been a year, this time last year I was down in Australia!

So wish I was down there now!

I’ve also decided that because I love these picture challenges, it’s time for me to find myself another one as this month is almost over!! At this rate, I’ll be doing one for a year, good way to go about it – just one month at a time! If any of you know where a good picture challenge is, that won’t do too much overlap with what I’ve already done, let me know! ^_^

Day 27 – May

28. Daily Routine

Lately, it’s just been one of lounging about, and taking lots of pictures of clouds. Rofl!

I was struggling on this one and decided to throw the cloud pic in, because 1) I love clouds, and 2) it’s been what I’ve been doing a lot. Just being a lazy bum, taking pictures, and going to my brother’s HS grad on Saturday, and watching my neighbor’s adorable daughter who’ll be here soon! Yay for more Abbie time! ❤

Day 27 – May

27. After Dark

Taken a few years ago – with the longest exposure on my camera. This is the moon, even if it looks so bright. I put it on a table and didn’t move it and let it just stay for like 16 seconds, if I’m remembering correctly without looking at the longest exposure time that I have on my camera. I’m pretty happy with how this picture turned out. Plus the reflection on the river is pretty amazing as well! ^_^

Just had to share!

Just on a side note, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my younger brother on graduating from HS yesterday! ❤

I am so proud of you! You are an amazing young man! ❤

(And I hope that you heal from your injuries soon! – yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, he is wearing a sling.)

I am now the proud older sister of a HS graduate! My ‘baby’ bro is all growed up now!!! 😛

Day 26 – May

26. Something Old

Not necessarily something bought but I saw this and knew that I had to put this into this photo challenge.

This is a picture of me and my horse, Nemo, back in ’05.

Things have come to separate us, but I’ll never forget him.

Day 25 – May

25. Sunflare

Taken the day of the Eclipse on the 20th May of this year.

Totally gotten by accident – pointed the camera up and took a picture and this is what I got – perfect for today’s picture! 😀

Just had to share! I can’t actually look directly at it — TOO BRIGHT! Haha!

Also, today marks one year from the day that I left for my Australian Adventure – this past year has GONE BY WAY TOO FAST!!

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