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Day 27 – May

27. After Dark

Taken a few years ago – with the longest exposure on my camera. This is the moon, even if it looks so bright. I put it on a table and didn’t move it and let it just stay for like 16 seconds, if I’m remembering correctly without looking at the longest exposure time that I have on my camera. I’m pretty happy with how this picture turned out. Plus the reflection on the river is pretty amazing as well! ^_^

Just had to share!

Just on a side note, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my younger brother on graduating from HS yesterday! ❤

I am so proud of you! You are an amazing young man! ❤

(And I hope that you heal from your injuries soon! – yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, he is wearing a sling.)

I am now the proud older sister of a HS graduate! My ‘baby’ bro is all growed up now!!! 😛


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