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Sea Lions, Fairs, and General Insanity

So one of the exhibits at our County fair was a Sea Lion exhibit and you could get your picture taken with them, and of course I had to pay to get a picture with them…. because Sea Lions are freaking cute and adorable! ❤ So here I am, with my sister, with two of the sea lions… Totally worth it!! ❤

So, I went to the County Fair with the boys I spent the weeks with (I’m their nanny), their mom, and 3 of their friends this past Friday, and I actually had a good time – other than getting over heated. But it was a good time, none the less. 🙂

I am glad that I got the chance to go, even if it wasn’t for very long. Although I normally can’t handle places like that for long periods of time, so it was just fine with me. 🙂

Just got the day off work today. One of the boys I watch has Baseball camp, so I’d just have his brother, but their dad didn’t have to work today so he stayed home with his dad. So I got the day off. Nice to have the day off to recover from this past weekend.

This past weekend was a freaking blast! I ended up managing to meet up with a group of friends and go to the drive in movies down in Sacramento on Saturday night, and I stayed with a friend down near school after the movies – we saw MIB 3 (totally recommend it!) and Avengers (Thor is just as amazingly good looking the second time through as he was the first time. Haha!). We had a blast! I’m so glad that I managed to make it work out!

I forgot how awesome those people are to hang out with, they very giggle worthy! 🙂

So, anyways, nothing more planned for this week, other than work, and going back down to spend the weekend with a friend from school this coming weekend. So that’ll be a blast! Looking forward to it definitely! Can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for me!

Sorry I don’t update as much, now that I’m taking a break from the picture a day challenge I don’t get on all that much.

If any of you have one of those picture challenges sitting around and wish to share it with me, feel free to send it to me in comments.

I’d be totally willing to do another picture challenge! 😀

I just have to find another one.

So I hope that you all are doing alright!

See y’all around and have a great summer (or Winter)!



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