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Deciding to Move Things Around A Bit

Well, I decided, that I’d move myself over here from Blogspot, where I used to be. Not quite sure, yet the reason for the sudden switch – well I do know, but shush, y’all don’t need to know! 😉 Certain people know and that’s all that matters.

Anyways, this is just a quick post here, before turning my lappy off to let it cool down, and trying to get some sleep myself… seeing as it’s nearly 12:30 am here, and i’ve got class at 11 am. >.<;;

Oh, real quick – if you’ve not given the Switched at Birth a try, definitely go and give it a check out. I’m in love with it.. COME ON NETFLIX… I NEED MORE SHOWS! NOW!! I need me some more adorable Emmett (watch it and you’ll see why I love him! <3) Although I'm the insane hearing ASL student, I'm just special! ❤

Ok, really headed off now – night y’all from a sleepy, and starting to go loopy college student.



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